Custom Remote Exploration Caravans Perth

Out in the depths of the Australian outback, there is no landscape tougher, no climate harsher and nowhere more isolated. When your crew are on resource exploration assignments in the large empty spaces of Australia, you need equipment you can rely on, workmanship that won’t fail, and enough of the comforts of home to keep you going. At Allways Caravans, we have been designing, manufacturing and delivering the toughest outback ready exploration caravans on the market for organisations and people that need their mobile shelters to get where they are going and return in one piece.

Our manufacturing team under the banner of “Alltrax Commercial Caravans” have over forty years experience in the heavy-duty caravan industry, we only build commercial caravans, not domestic crossover caravans, utilising the latest in vehicle materials technology to deliver your caravan order to be as strong and reliable as contemporary technology allows, in most cases keeping under 3500kg aggregate tow weight. We work closely with our clients in developing custom caravan designs to unique and stringent specifications or offer a range of caravan designs to suit any mine site, remote camp or other hard to reach worksite.